Chicken Tower
Served with classic anchovy butter, smoked turkey and topped with cheese
Rs. 695/-
Roast Chicken Breast
Served with spicy rosemary sauce and sauteed vegetables
Rs. 665/-
Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Chicken with Puff Pastry
Served with lime citrus, spicy cream yogurt, caramelized pin apple and carrots
Rs. 685/-
Stuffed Chicken Roll-Ups
Chicken breast stuffed with sun-dried tomato and spinach, served with risotto and parmesan broth
Rs. 685/-
Grilled Chicken Breast
Served with spicy tomato cream sauce and sauteed vegetables
Rs. 665/-
Grilled Calamari Skewers
Served with mixed lettuce and mustard dressing
Rs. 395/-
Ayam Goreng
Fried spicy chicken wings
Rs. 305/-
Shrimp & Avocado Mille-Feuille
Shrimp and avocado tossed in cream sauce, topped with creamy goats cheese
Rs. 425/-
Tempura Prawns
Prawns dipped in tempura batter, served with soy ginger sauce
Rs. 395/-
Beef Carpaccio
Thinly sliced raw beef topped with lemon, capers, parmesan shavings and green leaves
Rs. 325/-
Prime Tenderloin Steak
Served with red sauerkraut, raisins, caramelized peach and a poached egg
Rs. 725/-
Sicilian Steak
Marinated with extra virgin olive oil, served with pizzaiola sauce and sauteed vegetables
Rs. 775/-
Chardonnay Tenderloin Steak
Served with chardonnay cream sauce and sauteed vegetables
Rs. 775/-
Beef Tenderloin Steak
Served with potato, sauteed vegetables and an assortment of balsamic sauce, black pepper sauce, rosemary sauce and mushroom sauce
Rs. 795/-
Australian lamb Chops
Served with mashed potatoes, spinach leaves grilled tomatoes
Rs. 1800/-
Grilled Mutton Cutlest with Harisah Marination
Served with court-bouillon and parmesan mash
Rs. 775/-

Herb Crust Rack of Mutton
Served with mutton stock, caramelized pine apple and carrots
Rs. 785/-



Mixed Platter (serving for two)
Mutton chops, herb chicken, jumbo prawns, beef skewers with grilled vegetables, garlic bread and barbeque sauce
Rs. 1900/-


Sea Food

Live or frozen lobsters weighed and priced (per 100 grams) served with sauteed vegetables and a choice of thermidor sauce garlic lemon butter sauce

Crab Normandy
Live or frozen crabs weighed and priced (per 100 grams) cooked in creamy mustard sauce with parmesan cheese

Baked Red Snapper with Tandoori Crust
Enhanced with spicy lime citrus yogurt and cream
Rs. 695/-

Oven-baked Red Snapper
Red snapper with vegetables, marinated in mustard and vinaigrette sauce
Rs. 685/-

Baked Red Sanpper topped with Crispy Potatoes
Served with tangy spicy tomato salsa
Rs. 690/-

Pan-Fried Sole Fish
Enhanced with pink peppercorn and saffron sauce
Rs. 715/-

Combination of Sole and Prwan
Served with braised cabbage, anchovy butter and caramelized peaches
Rs. 765/-

Char-grilled Jumbo Prawns
Served with arborio risotto and spicy lucianos special salsa
Rs. 995/-

Stuffed Squid
Stuffed with creamy risotto, capers, jalapeno, diced vegetables and pickled chili, cooked to your choice (spicy or mild) served on a bed of tomato sauce
Rs. 735/-

Penne Ala Arrabiata
Tossed with tomato based sauce, topped with parmesan cheese
Rs. 445/-
Seafood Ceviche Salad
Steamed seafood marinated in dijon mustard and extra virgin olive oil
Rs. 485/-
Caesar Salad
Tossed with balsamic dressing, parmesan shavings and pine nuts
Rs. 425/-
Spinach Leaves with Spicy Prawn Skewers
Tossed with balsamic dressing, parmesan shavings and pine nuts
Rs. 475/-
Lucianos Special Salad
Lettuce leaves tossed in yogurt cream dressing. with grated feta cheese and olives
Rs. 345/-
Shrimp & Cheddar Bisque
A unique cream-based soup, garnished with green chili oil and sour cream
Rs. 385/-
Chicken Broth Infused with Cilantro
Aa clear with prawns and chicken dumplings
Rs. 270/-
Lucianos Special Veloute Soup
A combination of asparagus and spinach topped with goats cheese
Rs. 375/-

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Monis Rahman (13 Jun, 2011)

Great place for excellent food. One of the few places in Lahore that serves imported Australian steaks and cook them perfectly. The calamari, spinach salad and prawns are all fantastic. Highly recommended.